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June 27, 2017

Should I Root my Android?

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Android is one of the most customisable operating systems around. When you buy a new android device the default settings limit what you can and can’t do. Now this is perfectly fine for most people, after all smartphones even on their factory settings are incredibly powerful.  However, rooting your device allows you complete access to everything in the operating system, and lets you customise your software to suit your needs.

In the past, Android phones didn’t live up to their potential, so many people found rooting their phone was the answer. Yet, the Androids on the market today are a lot more advanced, particularly in their default setting, and eclipse even the best devices that were available just a few years ago. So why do some people still want to root their androids?

Here we weigh up some advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android phone.


Install incompatible apps

As an android user you’ll find that some apps just aren’t available on your device. This is often because your phone carrier will block these apps because they are competing with their own ones. Rooting your phone lets you get around this block, allowing you to install any app you like.

Increase your phone’s speed and battery life

You can improve performance speed and battery life without rooting your phone, however rooting gives you even more power.  There are a number of apps out there (only available after rooting) which allow you to control these features to suit you and how you use your phone.

Custom ROMs

You can truly change how you use phone with a custom ROM. This is basically a customised version of Android and there are many out there to choose from. Some have new features that just enhance your OS slightly, and others completely revamp the OS. You can completely change the entire look of your phone so that it suits your needs.

Free internal storage

After rooting your phone you then have the ability to transfer any app from the internal memory to an SD card, freeing up plenty of lost space. You can also uninstall the battery-draining, space-wasting software that comes preinstalled on your device. Make sure to freeze the apps first to check the phone still operates as it should, then delete.


Rooting voids your warranty

As soon as you root your phone, you immediately void the warranty. With some devices it’s possible to restore to factory settings, but with most phones there’s no going back. If you damage your rooted phone, even during the warranty period, you will have to pay for it to be fixed.

You might ‘brick’ your phone

Although there are many tutorials out there, rooting your phone can be challenging. One wrong step and you could end up bricking your phone. If this happens, you will have to take it back to the manufacturer to be fixed, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Worsened performance

Rooting is intended to improve the performance of your device, however many people have found there phone has lost both performance speed and features after rooting. The stock operating system is often the most stable because it won’t allow you to accidentally change a setting leading to errors. Modified versions of the OS may lack stability and are often not thoroughly tested, so you may find errors or bugs. In these cases you may be left with old software while you wait for a modified OS update.

To root or not to root?

Rooting lets you experience the full potential your phone has to offer by allowing you to browse your root folder and make changes to the system files on your phone. You can install powerful apps, increase the performance, create a customisable interface and make all kinds of changes you can’t do on a non-rooted phone.

Yet, if none of these rooted features take your fancy, or you’re not confident rooting your device, then there’s simply no need. Even the latest androids with restricted root access offer just about everything we could want from a pocket computer. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken.

We’re here to help

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