It’s now even easier to manage your home tech whilst on the go, and all at a budget that suits you. At MYTECHY we can help you utilise all your existing devices, and install new solutions, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home technologies.

There are many great advanced technologies on the market today which are helping to save the home owner time and money.  For example with Hive style home solutions you can control your heating remotely from anywhere, saving you a great deal on your electricity bills. You can even control your home appliances from the touch of a button on your phone or tablet. There are currently endless home solutions which let you connect and control hundreds of smart devices around your home.  Our team have many years experience installing these solutions and can advise you on the most suitable systems to suit your budget.

From basic audio/visual and home theatre solutions through to wireless broadband systems that utilise mobile phone networks, MYTECHY will advise you on the right solution to suit for you.  Our specialists will not only run you through how to go about managing your entertainment and connected home systems, but we’ll set it up for you with ease of use in mind.

Based in the South East, MYTECHY offers remote and onsite services to individuals requiring home IT support. We can manage your devices remotely or come to you to resolve issues where required.  Let MYTECHY set up your home systems so you can control the heating, CCTV or appliances while on the move. Whether you want Broadband, Audio/Visual solutions or Hive style hot water and heating control, the MYTECHY engineers are available for consultations, or to quote and fully install the solutions.

For further assistance or to discuss your home tech solutions please get in touch. Call us on 01483 808008 or email