Consumer Services

We provide solutions for home users, including home contracts so you can have someone to assist you with any technical problems you may encounter, or someone to assist you when you get a new computer, we also provide audits to ensure you are fully protected against viruses and all your data is backed up so if the worst happens you don’t lose your data. We also provide solutions for home entertainment and can assist with any technology in your home. Maybe you want to buy a new entertainment system or just want to integrate a new device into your existing setup, MYTECHY can help! We can also help with your mobile phones, ensuring that you buy the right phone for you, setting them up for you, ensuring that any data you have on the phone is backed up and troubleshooting any problems you may have with the device. Other services include CCTV systems and Connected Home.

Prices for Contracts for Consumers start at £19.99/month (based on a single computer). If you’d like to get a quote or get more information then please contact our sales team via the Contact tab or give us a call!