Home IT Support in Epsom

Epsom is home to many small businesses and a thriving residential population, which we are proud to support with our comprehensive range of IT and tech solutions. Although we are a company that has just started out, our highly qualified, friendly engineers have many years experience in the industry and have a large skillset that makes us one of the leading tech support companies in Epsom.

Our small team of Microsoft trained engineers love working and supporting local businesses in Epsom. So if you’re in need of reliable tech support give us call to discuss our IT and tech solutions. We offer a much more personalised service than larger firms and always ensure we provide the best solutions based on your needs.

Epsom Business Services

With the Ashley Centre and Upper High Street facilities as well as numerous office spaces in Epsom there are lots of IT systems to cater to. We are a full-service MSP for businesses in the Epsom area, offering strategic IT guidance, management and support specifically customised to your business needs.

We monitor computer systems on a daily basis, and often fix problems on computers or servers within minutes. Our team can manage your entire network and provide remote offsite backup which gives total protection against data loss, ensuring you’ll be covered in the event of virus attacks or system faults. This is particularly useful for businesses that store a lot of client data.

Residential Tech Support

As well as business support, we provide IT and tech solutions to individuals in Epsom, which has a resident population of over 30,000.  We understand that organising, installing and managing home technology can be time consuming and often complicated. That’s why we offer ad-hoc support solutions and contracted services to help you get the most of your home tech.

We run an IT consultancy to advise you on all your home devices from laptops and mobile phones to home entertainment systems and CCTV solutions. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and suggest suitable options that are right for you. Once you’ve made your choice we can then complete the installation and run you through how it works so you can feel confident using it in your own time.

CCTV Installation in Epsom

At MYTECHY we can supply and install a full range of CCTV solutions for home or office use that suit a choice of budgets.  A good security system can provide peace of mind, discourage criminal activity and provide remote monitoring of your property.

Our experienced engineers can help you choose the best Home CCTV solutions that fit your needs.  We’ll then supply the equipment and install all CCTV cameras and operating equipment running a full check to make sure you’re completely happy with the result. For a small monthly fee we can check your security systems on a regular basis ensuring your CCTV is always up to scratch.