With MYTECHY even small and medium sized businesses can have access to fully qualified IT technicians without the cost of a full on-site IT department.  We are an innovative new IT consulting firm that delivers reliable IT solutions to businesses in the South East. Providing reliable MSP for businesses, our experts can assist you with strategic IT guidance, management and support specifically customised to your business needs.

Having offsite IT support not only helps you save money but also helps increase your business efficiency.  With MYTECHY managing your network you no longer have to worry about your IT systems failing, upgrading your network, or managing IT staff, so you have more time to focus on the every day running of your business.

At MYTECHY we provide you with full network support at all times ensuring your systems are running to peak conditions. In the event of system faults within your network, we are immediately notified and take a proactive response at dealing with the issue, resolving most within minutes. This includes full network and Internet security contracts.

One of the most efficient ways of keeping your network protected is to always complete server installs and upgrades. Our Microsoft qualified team can quickly install and set up new systems, ensuring downtime is minimised. Plus at MYTECHY we offer remote offsite backup which gives total protection against data loss, ensuring you’ll be covered in the event of virus attacks or system faults.